The air conditioning does not work? Get the service your A/C requires if you are in South Florida.


When your air conditioner breaks down, you may feel a sweaty proposition. A/C TROPICAL has the skills and experience necessary to get your air conditioning system working again when you need it most.


We can handle a variety of repairs, including:


-Air conditioning is not cooling the house.


-Air conditioning blows hot air through the vents.


-Air Conditioning System is not Turning On


-Air conditioning never stops and is spending a lot of money on electricity.


-Air Conditioning Unit Making Loud or Screeching Noise


-Frozen Evaporator Coils and Condenser Coils


-Replacement of the Evaporator Coil.


-Replacement of the Condenser Coil.


-Refrigerant leak repairs.


-We check Refrigerant or Gas levels and if they are below the parameters established by the manufacturers, we charge your system correctly.


-We repair water leaks.


-Flush drain with Nitrogen pressure.


-Clean the Condensation pan.


-Clean the Coil or Evaporator Coil with acid and water (Coil Cleaning).


-Clean the Coil or Condenser Coil with acid and water (Coil Cleaning).


-Place a PVC Tee in your drain so you can put Clorox in your drain and keep it clean of algae.


– Installation, replacement and programming of your Thermostat.


-Replacement of the compressor.


-Replacement of electrical components (capacitors, transformers, magnetic contactor, fuses, breakers).


-Replacement of expansion valve.


-Replacement of the fan motor, both the indoor unit (air handler) of your home, and the outdoor unit (Condenser) among other repairs.


We will begin by examining your air conditioning system to locate the source of your problem. You'll know exactly what we recommend to repair your system and you'll receive an estimate for repairs before you begin.


Call (305) 305-5448 today to schedule repairs.

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